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I had the IgG finger prick food intolerance test done for my young son with Autism. After only a month of following the recommended diet changes, his speech therapist and paediatrician both asked what had I changed? They could already see the improvements.

Initially I took my 6 year daughter to see Sandra after suspecting she was intolerant to certain foods. Sandra promptly diagnosed a couple of food intolerances and advised on changes to be made to my daughter’s diet through food substitutions, recipe ideas and recommended relevant reading material. By eliminating certain foods and taking daily vitamin supplements the changes in my daughter’s overall health, energy levels and behaviour have improved enormously over a 6 month period. Sandra continues to offer ongoing support and encouragement.

After removing the foods we found my son intolerant to, we can see a big improvement in his behavior and he now makes eye contact with us. At child care they have said he now interacts and plays with other children. We’re thrilled and wouldn’t go back to eating the way we did before.

I was so amazed with the results, the whole family have now been tested.

I was suffering from food allergies and digestive disorders for 3 years. My stomach used to bloat like a pregnant woman and I used to find it hard to sleep. These were the days I used to vomit frequently too. Then I happened to pick up a brochure about Sandra Tenge in a health food store and with a bit of hesitation visited her, as I never visited a naturopath in my life. She treated me for 5 months and now I am out of all these problems. I am enjoying yummy food, with out any problem. I am glad I met her. No more bloating, No more vomiting. No more sleepless night.

My energy levels were 3/10 and my mood swings were really effecting my relationship. Sandra helped me get my hormones under control and re-balance everything again. I’m now pregnant too!

I’ve suffered debilitating migraine all my adult life. With the help of allergy testing, regular detox programs, and some diet and lifestyle changes, I rarely get one and can easily manage it.

I would always get hay fever and itchy eyes seasonally and then randomly at other times too so I did an allergy test. It was really helpful understanding what my triggers were and how to manage them.

I had post nasal drip for over 15 years before removing food allergies.

I would urgently have diarrhea without warning and it was stopping me from leaving the house. Now after herbal treatment and diet changes I can safely go to the supermarket again without worry of embarrassing myself!

My daughter had ‘sneaky poos’ and would soil herself at school which was terrible for her. After months of trying various treatments I opted to see Sandra. We haven’t had the problem since and her eczema has improved too.