Self Care Routine – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

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Self care is so important and often we put ourselves last on the list as we are busy seeing to family, friends and work demands. Other times we fall into the trap of winding down with a glass of wine or comfort food after a busy day.

I encourage you all this year to give yourself the gift of a Self Care Routine.

I love the idea of scheduling in a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly self care strategy that works for you. This ensures weeks or months don’t go by without putting your self and your wellbeing as a priority. I find it challenging myself to stick to and I think many busy mum’s do, but as I counsel my patients in clinic, I truly believe it’s paramount to a healthy mind and body.

The structure I’ve come up with is completely flexible with what works for you. Simply fill with what ever it is that feeds your soul. Some examples to get you started are;

Daily Routines:

Grounding by standing barefoot outside on the grass on rising each morning.

Daily meditation or mindfulness (can be as little as 5 mins).

Stretching routine.

Getting up early to go back to bed with a cup of tea.

A relaxed shower.

A walk, may be to school drop off or work, or after work in the evening.

Yoga before bed in the evening.

Going to bed early to read.

Talking time out of the day to mindfully and slowly eat lunch.

A healthy smoothie, juice or shake.

Time with a pet or walking the dog.

Gratitude journaling.

Daily Routine Ig

Weekly Routines:

A massage or treatment.

An enjoyable class such as dance, yoga or Zumba.

A hobby you attend or make time for.

Lunch with a friend.

Dinner out with your partner or family.

A phone call to a friend or your mum.

A night off cooking.

Time in nature – a day at the beach, a garden, a walk in the forest.

A bath with candles.

Laughing with friends or a funny movie

A trip out of town.

A sleep in. Simple but divine!

Monthly Routines:

A weekend away or mini break.

A soak at the hot springs.

A treatment or massage.

Joining a women’s circle.

Nurturing yourself around your menstrual cycle.

Connecting with the full moon / moon cycle.

Reflective journaling and planning for the month ahead.

Catching up with friends.

A night out with babysitting.

A picnic.

A show, live music or theatre.

A ‘mental health’ day off work / life duties.

Yearly Routines:

Reflection and gratitude.

Goal setting and dreaming.

Cleansing program or detox.

Holiday of your choice.

Clearing of clutter in your home.

A retreat.

A new adventure.

Taking up a language, instrument or challenge.

Consider and reflect on your work life balance.

A special gift to yourself.

A birthday celebration that you love.

Reset and reschedule your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly list for the year ahead.

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  1. Bubble on May 15, 2020 at 3:44 am

    Thankyou very much for this list.
    It’s been very helpful for my Spectrum needs of routine and what to think of.
    I’ve search quite a long time but finally found a little to help me out.

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