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We offer a large range of functional medicine testing delivered worldwide from the world's best labs.

The tests listed below offer insights into how your body systems are functioning. As part of our naturopathic and nutritionist consultation process, this data helps shape our assessment and treatment plan for you individually. This allows you to make better health decisions, avoid preventable illness and work towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Australian and NZ Orders. The following tests are available to Australian and NZ residents and are priced in AUD.

International testing. Kits are express posted from Nordic Labs in the UK, Europe and Asia and US Biotek in the US. Testing kits usually reach you within 2 days. Enquires and a quote on testing can be made by contacting us at info@foodallergytesting.com.au

Review of Results. If you already have test results we are happy to review them with you in consultation. Book a time here  http://www.foodallergytesting.com.au/booking/

Gut Health Testing

Nutrition Check

Comprehensive Nutritional Testing $359

Food Intolerance Test

IgG 96 foods finger prick blood test $350

Food Intolerance Test

IgG 144 foods finger prick blood test $430

Food Intolerance Test

IgG 208 foods finger prick blood test $630

Allergy Check

IgE blood test for food and environmental allergens $109


Lactose and Fructose Malabsorption Breath Tests $225

SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) Sibotest

Lactulose / Glucose / Fructose Breath Tests from $218

IBS Smart

A simple blood test to diagnose IBS $390

Gut Health Check

Comprehensive Stool testing $379

Stool Analysis

Yeast, bacterial and parasite Check $210

Microbiome Mapping

Extensive Gut and microbiome testing $390


microbiome testing $349


microbiome testing $349

Gi Effects

Genova Comprehensive Stool Testing  $680

Hormonal Testing

Advanced Hormone Dried Urine (DUTCH)

adrenal and menstrual hormone testing $380

Adrenal Stress Check

Stress, energy and fatigue check $145

Menopause Check

Hormone blood test $119

Male Hormonal Check

11 Hormonal Markers $135

Hormonal Imbalance Check

Reproductive, thyroid, insulin and adrenal check $179

Sleep Hormone Check

Melatonin and Cortisol Test $99

PCOS Check

Hormones, thyroid, insulin and cortisol $169

Comprehensive Thyroid Check

Thyroid hormones, antibodies and RT3 $225

Insulin Resistance Check

Weight management and sugar cravings $69

Female Hormone Check

7 hormonal markers $125

Nutritional Testing

Nutrition Check

Comprehensive Nutritional Testing $359

B vitamin test

B12, folate, B6 $130

Hair Mineral Analysis

Mineral and Heavy Metal Testing $220

Chronic Fatigue Check

B12, iron and thyroid Check for low energy $139

Iron Check

Iron and Ferritin $59

Copper to Zinc Ratio

Copper, Zinc and Ratios $79

General Health Check Testing

Well Woman Check

Comprehensive Blood Test $239

Biological Age Check

Epigenetic Saliva Testing $995

Inflammation Check

Chronic disease check for anti-inflammatory diet $135

Cardiovascular Check

Multi marker testing $199

Well Man Check

Comprehensive Blood Test $239

Essential Health Check

Basic annual health check $135

Autoimmune Check

Inflammation, Rheumatoid and ANA $79

Homocysteine Check

Simple biomarker or risk factor test $45

Platinum Health Check

Cardiovascular, Nutritional, Hormonal and Gut Health $739

Lifestyle check

Liver, kidney, cholesterol and blood glucose Check $69

Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Check

Recent or past infection $59


Urine test measuring neurotransmitter levels $290

Metabolism, Weight Management and Exercise Testing

Healthy Weight Check

Metabolic Panel + Consult $249

Women's Sports Hormone Check

Biomarkers for training $189

Women's Endurance Check

Comprehensive testing including cortisol levels $359

Metabolic Balance

Stand-alone Metabolic Balance Analysis $195

Men's Endurance Check

Comprehensive testing including cortisol levels $359

Essential Fitness Check

Prior to starting a fitness program $95

Men's Sports Hormone Check

Biomarkers for training $189

Men's Endurance and Nutrition Check

Endurance and Nutrition combined $599

Genetic Testing


MTHFR gene testing $69

Fitgenes Check

Fitgenes Genetic Testing $435

Biological Age Check

Epigenetic Saliva Testing $995

Other Testing

  • OATS - Organic Acids
  • Amino Acids
  • Pfeiffer Protocol
  • Methylation Profiles
  • Biotoxin Exposure