The IBS Solution with Coaching

$1,997.00 AUD

The IBS Solution 6 week online course with the addition of 8 x Naturopathic and Nutritionist consultations over 3 months to support you individually throughout the course.
3 months access to all online materials and Nerva app to overcome your IBS symptoms.


The IBS Solution

with coaching

A 6-week online course to help you uncover and address the root causes of your IBS.
You’ll received 3 months access to all course materials and support to really see your gut health restored.

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Have you been diagnosed with, or suspect you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Have you been told there’s nothing else wrong and it’s “just” IBS?

I have over 25 years experience in gut health and specialise in IBS. I’d like you to know there is hope!  
I work with clients everyday in clinic living with this frustration. But there is something you can do!  
Many things in fact that can help you identify the underlying causes of your IBS.  
In doing so, you can manage discomfort, overcome distressing IBS symptoms and return to really thriving gut health.  


Do you ever;

• suffer with bloating, reflux, nausea, discomfort, pain or embarrassing gas?
• feel you need to keep close a toilet ‘just in case’?
• struggle with constipation, diarhhoea or swing between both?
• feel uncomfortable in your clothes with a distended tummy by the end of the day?
• react from the gut when your stressed or anxious?
• have trouble with brain fog, memory or concentration?
• avoid eating out or social occasions for fear of reacting?
• feel limited in what you can eat and seem to be getting more restricted, worried that your not getting enough nutrients?
• choose what to wear to hide the bloating and don’t feel right in your own skin?
• think other conditions such as anxiety, brain fog, joint pain, tiredness, or even hormones may be linked to your IBS?
• feel overwhelmed and not know what to eat?
• feel like you’ve tried everything, don’t know who to listen to or where to go for help?


” By the end of the day, my bloating is so bad, I look like I’m pregnant. I’m so uncomfortable”

We can help you uncover and understand the possible root causes of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms.
Allow us to support and guide you through addressing those root causes so you can return to enjoying meals again without the fear of how uncomfortable you’ll feel afterwards.
By learning how to manage symptoms of IBS, you can leave the house and not feel tied to the nearest bathroom, choose clothes each day you’ll still be comfortable in at the end of the day.
Most importantly …… You’ll be addressing underlying digestive issues that will return you to optimal longterm gut health.


Ibs As Part Of This Course


The Ibs Solution

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