The Healthy Gut, Healthy Weight Solution with Coaching

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The Healthy Gut, Healthy Weight Solution online course with addition of 8 x Naturopathic and Nutritional Consultations over 3 months to support you through the course. $1997


The Healthy Gut, Healthy Weight Solution

with coaching

A 6-week online course to help you identify and address 12 factors important to
achieve and maintain a healthy gut and healthy weight long term.
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A healthy body will achieve a healthy weight easily, an unhealthy body will not.

Weight management is not only about what you eat and how you move, but rather, influenced by 12 important factors.
Did you know;
– Sleeping well can be more effective for weight management than exercise.
– A yoga class can be more beneficial than a HIIT class when stressed.
– Balancing the microbiome and digestion can be more successful than calorie counting.
– Sugar cravings led by PMT or dysbiosis can be incredibly hard to fight. space
– Low thyroid function can bring about a change in body composition whilst eating the same diet. Then there’s stress, menopause, inflammation, toxicity, insulin resistance and more…


Many women feel disheartened and deflated because they try to follow what they are being told to do, with no success. Feeling stuck and overwhelmed, they lose motivation and slip into a negative mindset. Have you ever lost weight in the ‘wrong way’ before only to put it back on again?

Has your doctor told you to lose (or gain) weight, but not had the time to really sit down with you and understand your individual picture?

Have you followed bloggers and coaches without any qualifications and ended up only more frustrated, having wasted good money after bad? If this is you, it is not your fault! All the willpower in the world cannot undo the physiological blocks that are playing a role for so many women.


” I’m frustrated and feel like I don’t have control over my own body ”

Life is too precious to spend so much time and energy focusing on your weight.
Change that focus towards returning your body to a healthy balance and your body will begin to burn rather than store fat and build muscle.
Your relationship with your body and food will begin to change, you’ll see food more as nourishment and even medicine. You’ll trust your body’s ability to restore balance, reduce fatigue and cravings and improve energy and vitality.


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The Healthy Gut Healthy Weight Solution

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