Food Sensitivity


Food sensitivity remains wide and varied. Testing is available such as our extensive 96 food sensitivity panel.

This detailed test covers common foods such as gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, egg, yeast and soy.

However, it also includes less common foods.

This is usually followed with a guided elimination diet. These are also useful for sensitivities such as;

Additives, colours, flavours and preservatives
Amines and nitrates

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Immediate reactions to food (IgE) and Inhalants (IgE)

Classic allergic reactions occur within minutes and up to 3 hours after eating. They are usually caused by high IgE antibody blood levels that produce an immediate allergic response.

This allergic reaction may appear as a rash after eating foods like strawberries or crabmeat. Other reactions are asthma, rhinitis, dermatitis, hay fever symptoms, swelling of the face, tongue or eyes.

The potentially fatal but rare “anaphylactic” reaction after eating foods like peanuts or shellfish is another example of an “IgE” reaction. Tests show results for foods currently in the diet.

Never consume food you think may cause anaphylaxis. This level of severe allergy requires a management plan under medical supervision.

These tests require you to have blood taken at your local pathology centre. A clear visual report shows a mild, moderate or severe reaction.

IgE General Foods (96 foods)/ Asian Foods (96 Foods) / Vegetarian Foods (95 foods)

IgE Inhalants (64 Allergens)
IgE and IgG General Foods (96 Foods)
IgE & IgG General Foods AND IgE & IgG Inhalants (Most Comprehensive) 

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