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The 5 Root Causes of IBS

Causes Of Ibs

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is not an end diagnosis, rather it is a combination of symptoms that require further testing and assessment to understand the root cause and then enable effective, lasting treatment. It’s common to be told you “just have IBS” after more serious bowel conditions are ruled out. While ruling out these more…

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Allergy Testing and Food Intolerance – Which test is right for me?

Allergy Testing And Food Intolerance

There are a number of tests that can prove very useful in identifying food reactions. Sandra Tenge of Allergy Testing and Food Intolerance gives a summary of those available. True Allergy Testing – IgE Tested by blood (RAST) test – similar to skin prick testing. Identifies immediate immune system reactions. Minutes to hours after exposure.…

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10 Tips To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

Reduce Allergens

Allergy and asthma control begins at home. Many people with allergies stay indoors when outdoor air is full of pollen and spores. But dust mites, animal dander and even cockroaches can cause problems indoors. What Can I Do to Reduce Indoor Allergens? ​ 1. Control dust mites. Keep surfaces in the home clean and uncluttered.…

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Breakfast Recipes For Food Intolerances E Book

Breakfast Recipes from Food Intolerances


Over 2 weeks of delicious and nutritious recipes for those with Allergies
and Food Intolerances

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