Allergy Testing and Food Intolerance – Which test is right for me?

Allergy Testing And Food Intolerance

There are a number of tests that can prove very useful in identifying food reactions. Sandra Tenge of Allergy Testing and Food Intolerance gives a summary of those available.

True Allergy Testing – IgE

  • Tested by blood (RAST) test – similar to skin prick testing.
  • Identifies immediate immune system reactions. Minutes to hours after exposure.
  • Symptoms may include swelling of the tongue or mouth, itchy rashes, hives, difficulty breathing, hay fever, anaphylaxis.
  • Testing from 16 foods up to 96 foods, inhalants such as animal dander, dust, dust mite, pollens and grasses.

Food Intolerance Testing – IgG

  • Testing by finger prick blood sample or blood draw.
  • Identifies delayed immune system reactions. Hours to days after exposure.
  • Symptoms may include bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, pain, foggy thinking, fatigue, eczema, congestion, sinusitis, migraine, feeling generally unwell.
  • Testing of 50 of 96 foods. Can be combined with IgE testing.

FODMAP Testing – Fructose, Lactose, Sorbitol and SIBO (Small Bacterial Overgrowth) Testing

  • Testing by breath test.
  • Identifies malabsorption issues or SIBO.
  • Symptoms may include bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, pain, wind, burping, reflux.

Coeliac Screening or Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity

  • Tested by blood test or finger prick sample.
  • Specifically tests for reactions to gluten in the diet.

Elimination Diets

  • Full elimination diet such as the RPAH Elimination diet.
  • Customized elimination diets such as dairy, gluten, FODMAPs.
  • Food chemical elimination diets – salicylates, amines, histamine, additive free.
  • Guided challenges after elimination show which food group is a problem
  • Symptoms may include IBS type symptoms, migraine, rashes, restless leg, ticks, mood, behavioral, learning, sleep and energy disturbances.

Other Gut Tests

Parasite and microbiome testing, PCR.
Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis CDSA.
ALCAT – Intolerance / sensitivity to food, chemicals, additives, moulds, environmental chemicals and supplements.
Zonulin, leaky gut, intestinal permeability.
Genetic testing.
Digestive enzyme function.
Helicobacter pylori test.
Secretory IgA.
Nutritional Analysis.
Heavy Metals.

Book a consultation today to let us help you decipher which test is best suited to identify possible food reactions.

All testing and elimination diets through Allergy Testing and Food Intolerance come with individualized recipes tailored to your results. This easy to follow format will make the initial management of food reactions more streamlined.

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