20 Tips for Better Sleep

How we wind down before bed can play an important role in our quantity and quality of sleep. These
‘sleep hygiene’ tips are all simple, useful and practical strategies to add to your routine after dinner time. Incorporating even a few of these changes consistently can help you to wind down from the day, make falling asleep easier, and promote a more rejuvenating, restful sleep.

  • Unplug at least 1 hour before bed, choose activities without screens
  • Remove any devices from the bedroom, use an old-fashioned alarm clock
  • Drink your 2 liters of water a day prior to 5pm aside from a relaxing herbal tea
  • Turn your phone to airplane mode in another room or switch off the modem altogether overnight
  • Make your bedroom an inviting space, free of clutter with your bed made each day
  • Keep a free flow of air under your bed if possible, open windows or use ceiling fans to circulate air
  • In colder weather consider what the Danes call hygge, creating a cozy atmosphere of warmth and comfort
  • Snuggle up with blanket, a mug of warm tea, hand knitted socks, a book and candles.
  • Take a warm bath with magnesium or Epsom salts before bed
  • Light candles throughout the house for a lovely ambience
  • Make face cleansing and moisturizing a routine with aromatherapy products that enhance the experience
  • Naturally support your melatonin by keeping lights low
  • Use soothing music or a quiet space, which ever you prefer
  • Free writing, draw, color or journal your day, end with 3 things to be grateful for
  • Take to your mat for a restorative yoga sequence or stretching routine
  • Position yourself in ‘legs up the wall’ yoga pose to nourish the adrenals for 15 mins before sleep
  • Practice guided mindfulness such as those found on insight timer, smiling mind or calm apps
  • Sit in quiet meditation or stillness

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