10 Tips to help keep you on track this silly season.

  • Aim for 80% with your nutrition rather than perfection and allow for a ‘cheat’ meal or drinks without feeling guilty. This means you are less likely to throw in the towel and say you’ll just start over again in the new year. 
  • When you have indulged, balance it out with a fasting day, broth or juice day or more exercise or movement.
  • If you have an event to attend, don’t go hungry. Eat before hand and then simply sample a smaller portion of foods on offer. 
  • Add in a cleansing and nutritious green smoothie or protein shake either in the morning or mid afternoon to boost good nutrients each day.
  • If your preparing a plate to share, choose something your happy eating, such as a salad or seafood platter rather than dessert. 
  • Don’t take leftovers home that you really don’t need / want to have in the fridge for the following days.
  • If drinking alcohol, choose a vodka with real lime and soda or red wine rather than sugar laden drinks. Alternate or switch after 1 or 2 to soda or mineral water with fresh mint. 
  • The ritual of Christmas, catching up with loved ones and sharing time together is wonderful, so don’t miss out, just choose which events you’d really love to attend. The month needn’t be packed full of ‘special’ occasions.
  • Be accountable. Book in for regular clinic sessions to help keep you on track and motivated or at least share your intentions with a friend or partner to help you keep on track. 
  • Watch out for my post later this month on how to survive Christmas (and enjoy) Christmas with food intolerances.
Food allergy testing and treatment programs by naturopath Sandra Tenge
Food allergy testing and treatment programs by naturopath Sandra Tenge

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