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We are a Functional Medicine provider offering a range of tests and treatments to assist with the symptoms of allergy, food sensitivity and intolerance. We offer a highly qualified specialized approach with over 15 years of experience in treating allergies, digestive health and irritable bowel naturally. We supply customers and practitioners throughout Australia with simple self testing kits or in clinic testing, for a full range of Functional Medicine Pathology Tests, assessment and management.

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Simple, fast & accurate testing for food allergy & management of food intolerances

Are food reactions causing your health problems?

We offer a range of tests and treatments to assist you with the symptoms associated with allergy and intolerance.  Triggers may be foods, food additives, environmental influences or inhaled substances.

Symptoms of allergy include hay fever, eczema, hives, asthma or anaphylaxis. Symptoms of food intolerance are many and varied including IBS, bloating, migraine, constipation, diarrhoea and fatigue to name just a few. There are many misconceptions around food allergy and intolerance or sensitivity.

Food Allergies


Allergies are very common and rapidly increasing in Australia and New Zealand, effecting around 1 in 3 people at some time in their lives.

There are many causes and symptoms range from mild to life threatening. Allergy is also a major factor associated with asthma. Allergy occurs when a person’s immune system reacts to allergens or substances (food, environmental or inhaled) that are otherwise harmless.

Food Intolerances & Sensitivities

Not all adverse reactions to foods are due to allergy. The term allergy is often misused to describe a range of adverse reactions to food that aren’t life threatening but certainly result in a wide range
of uncomfortable symptoms.

Food sensitivities are very common, occur at any age, triggering many different symptoms and are associated with a variety of disorders.

Are Food Reactions Causing Your Health Problems?

Elimination Diets

A full Elimination diet is the ‘Gold Standard’ and most accurate way of assessing all food intolerance. However, this requires removing all possible sensitive foods and bringing them back into the diet one at a time. This is complex, very restrictive, takes approximately 3 months and is best done under the supervision of a trained practitioner. We recommend the RPAH Elimination Diet Handbook as a useful guide.

Elimination diets are not recommended long term due to possible nutritional deficiencies that may develop.

Elemination Diet


I had the IgG finger prick food intolerance test done for my young son with Autism. After only a month of following the recommended diet changes, his speech therapist and pediatrician both asked what I had changed. They could already see the improvements.

Initially I took my 6 year daughter to see Sandra after suspecting she was intolerant to certain foods. Sandra promptly diagnosed a couple of food intolerances and advised on changes to be made to my daughter's diet through food substitutions, recipe ideas and recommended relevant reading material. By eliminating certain foods and taking daily vitamin supplements the changes in my daughter's overall health, energy levels and behavior have improved enormously over a 6 month period. Sandra continues to offer ongoing support and encouragement.

I was so amazed with the results; the whole family have now been tested.


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